What is a TENS Unit and How Does it Work?



The Transcutaneous Electrical nerve stimulation, is commonly known as the TENS Unit, is the electronic machine that passes electric current in the body, which results in stimulating the nerves. Thus the machine can be used to serve the therapeutic purposes. The units are generally applied on to the body with the help of two to four electrodes, which serves as the medium for the electric current.

Who can use it?

The TENS Unit is widely used for the painful diabetic neuropathy, chronic musculoskeletal pain along with the treatment of the neck pain. The machine can also be used as phantom limb pain therapy. Any person, from any age group except for the children and teenagers, facing any kind pain can use this machine to ease the pain.

How does the TENS unit works?

The TENS Unit performs its action by transferring the stimulating pulse across the skin and nerve strands to decrease the muscular pain. However, the stimulating pulses are produced by the machine with the help of the battery. The TENS unit can have the frequency as high 50 Hz with a sensory intensity and as low as 10 Hz with a power that produces motor contraction. The stimulating pulse that passes into the body, with the help of the electrodes, prevents the pain signals from reaching the brain. This machine helps to stimulate the patient’s body to produce higher levels of the natural pain killer, which are termed as the “Endorphins”.

The machine provides relief to al the kinds of pain irrelative to that of the acute pain conditions and chronic pain condition. It can also be used as the EMS machine, which stands for the Electric Muscle Stimulation, which is used to prevent or to diminish the muscular pains or contractions. EMS is perfect pain management device as it helps the muscles in pain, like spastic muscle, sore muscles or even tight muscles.

Why to purchase this Tens electronic Pulse Massager Unit?

The TENS UNIT is best for the families with old and elderly people, athletes. The machine is compact, easy to use and fits in the budget.

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