How Does a TENS Unit Work?

Working Method of TENS Unit

Tens or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine is the alternative chosen and suggested by experts for the purpose of killing pain. Tens is small portable machine which is operated by a battery. The box of the device is connected to sticky pads with the help of wires which are stuck to the skin. Users and experts have reported that the TENS Unit is quite useful and helpful for relief in pain and has never shown any sort of side effects while the usage.

The small electrical device, TENS Unit  delivers small electrical pulses which are transmitted to the body like some sensation of little electrical shocks which helps in curing certain types of pain. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation meaning the electrical shocks or electrical pulses are being delivered to the body with the help of connected electrodes which reaches the brain via nerves and the spinal cord. The TENS Unit machine works in two different ways:

At the normal usage method where the frequency is between 90 Hz to 130 Hz i.e. on a high pulse rate the electrical pulses stimulated by machine interfere with the brain and block pain signals or messages that are being received by human brain which is due to gate control theory of pain. The mechanism is quite simple to understand that there is some sort of path between the brain and nerve system.  When the path has no blockage, the signals of pain reaches the brain and we get the sensation to feel the pain but in the contrary when the gate is closed, the pain messages are being blocked and we get no sensation of pain. So the TENS Unit electrical device is responsible for stimulating or blocking this path so that the non pain carrying nerves block the path and close the gate making the pain signals unable to reach the brain and thus an individual gets relief from pain.

In a low pulse rate where frequency is between 25 HZ, the device stimulates the body to make its own pain relief chemicals known as endorphins which may be compared to morphine to block pain signals.

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