What is a TENS Machine?

TENS Machine

The transcutaneous Electrical nerve stimulation, or the TENS unit, is the high tech digital machine that enables the passage of electronic pulse or low power electric current in the body of the patient or the host. This small and handy TENS Machine is widely acceptable for treating the patient therapeutically to relive them from the pain penetrating in the nerves. The machine is also referred to as the nerve simulator as it generally provides relief in the pain due to stretching of the nerves. The machine is applied on the required body part with the help of the sticky Electrode Pads, which acts as the mode of passing electric current to the body.

The TENS Machine is widely suggested to the diabetic patient who often faces neural pain. Apart from it, the machine is also widely accepted by the persons with chronic musculoskeletal pain. However, the athletes also have adopted this machine, to relieve themselves from the muscle stretching pain and treating neck pain and back pain. The machine is also employed in curing phantom limb pain therapy too.
The TENS unit passes the electric pulse through the skin, which enters the nerves and thus performs its action. The capacity of electric current that is produced by this machine ranges between 10 Hz to 50 Hz. The low power is often used for the motor contraction whereas the high power is utilized with a sensory intensity. The electric pulse entering the body through the electrodes prevents the pain signals from reaching the brain and thus decreases the muscular pain. This machine also aids in producing higher levels of the natural pain killers, often referred to as the “Endorphins”.

The machine provides relief to al the kinds of pain irrelative to that of the acute pain conditions and chronic pain condition. The body responds to pain that arises due to the tightening of the muscles. This thus decreases the blood supply in the required area. The TENS unit thus helps in breaking up this cycle and thus relieves from the pain. Thus this TENS unit is best for the families with old and elderly people, athletes. Since, the machine is very handy and compact and easy to use, it is gaining popularity day by day.

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