TENS Unit in Pregnancy

It can be quite scary and tensioned task to use anything whether new or unknown especially in case of medicine or any treatment during your pregnancy. Experts and experienced doctors suggest that TENS Unit must never be used during pregnancy until the labor pain. Labor pain can be effectively treated to relieve some heavy painful sufferings during contractions. TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is not safe for growing fetus. Scientists and experts have well researched and made it very clear that at the stage of growing baby, undergoing TENS treatment must never be used to get relief from back ache or any sort of pain as it may be harmful or may cause discomfort to the growing baby in uterus. But once the women goes into labor stage if pregnancy pain becomes so intense that it is very difficult to tolerate, at this stage TENS UNIT can be safely used with no harm to the baby.

If the women who want to undergo TENS treatment are less than thirty seven weeks, they must never think of using TENS unit electrical impulse device but should consult experienced doctors for alternate pain relieving options. As the women enter labor stage in pregnancy it’s usual that her uterus begins to contract which can cause unbearable pain. In that case a woman can easily use TENS Unit  electrical device with the advised frequency, strength and pulse rate of the impulse. Using TENS Unit is the most popular non drug alternative medication during labor stage.

The situation may be confusing and troublesome to you when you think of transferring electrical impulse through your skin by TENS Machine, especially when you are pregnant. But till now it has shown no side effects and problems when used during labor stage of pregnancy. The machine simply works by blocking the pain nerves from reaching the brain while generating non pain nerves to reach alternatively giving short term relief from pain. After a study, it is concluded that the TENS Unit may/ must not be used by pregnant women. Usage of TENS device at early pregnancy is not suitable but during the labor stage it can be used.

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