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Benefits of Santamedical’s electrode pads

Tens Unit Electrode Pads If you intend to buy a Santamedical Tens unit massager, then the launch of Santamedical’s electrode pads might make your day. The package contains ten packs having four electrode pads in each pack, all measuring 2 inches x 2 inches. These are extremely useful and are highly compatible with your Tens .. read more

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Santamedical is the best seller of Mini Penguin Massager

Mini Penguin Massager SantaMedical’s Mini Penguin Massager is one latest example of incredible advancements in technology. The overly stressing schedule in our daily lives is a lot demanding. People such as the IT professionals who perform their job sitting on PC for hours has risen problems of body ache, stress and so much more. It .. read more

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What is a TENS Machine?

TENS Machine The transcutaneous Electrical nerve stimulation, or the TENS unit, is the high tech digital machine that enables the passage of electronic pulse or low power electric current in the body of the patient or the host. This small and handy TENS Machine is widely acceptable for treating the patient therapeutically to relive them .. read more

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What is EMS device?

EMS device The Electric Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, is also known as the neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). It is also famous as the electro-myo stimulation, as it responds to the muscular contractions with the help of the electric pulses, which are being produced by the small in build battery. The EMS machine has gained popularity, .. read more

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What is a TENS Unit and How Does it Work?

  TENS Unit The Transcutaneous Electrical nerve stimulation, is commonly known as the TENS Unit, is the electronic machine that passes electric current in the body, which results in stimulating the nerves. Thus the machine can be used to serve the therapeutic purposes. The units are generally applied on to the body with the help .. read more

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Benefits of Electronic Pulse Massager Tens Unit in Pregnancy

TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager In these days many people suffer from muscle pain due to old age factor, accident, arthritis, and some kind of physical injuries. Further, even people who belongs or living in the cities, work for hour by sitting in the front of their computers, laptops etc. and they can’t manage to .. read more

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