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Best Handheld mini Penguin massager device

Handheld Mini Penguin Massager Santamedical has launched one of the best quality handheld Mini penguin massager. The massager is now high in demand on Amazon and because it is easy to use and classy design at the most reasonable prices. In his recent interview, the CEO of Santamedical said, “Since we have launched the product .. read more

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Benefits of Santamedical’s electrode pads

Tens Unit Electrode Pads If you intend to buy a Santamedical Tens unit massager, then the launch of Santamedical’s electrode pads might make your day. The package contains ten packs having four electrode pads in each pack, all measuring 2 inches x 2 inches. These are extremely useful and are highly compatible with your Tens .. read more

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Santamedical is the best seller of Mini Penguin Massager

Mini Penguin Massager SantaMedical’s Mini Penguin Massager is one latest example of incredible advancements in technology. The overly stressing schedule in our daily lives is a lot demanding. People such as the IT professionals who perform their job sitting on PC for hours has risen problems of body ache, stress and so much more. It .. read more

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Gurin is the best seller of Massage Roller on Amazon and Walmart

Massage Roller If you are suffering from the problem of soreness of muscles, or having any body injuries, with increased muscles stiffness, and reduced strength then Massage roller is the best bet. With the busy schedule nowadays, people are facing a lot of muscle and bones related injuries. And with every passing day, the problem .. read more

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SantaMedical is the best seller of Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager Are you finding some quick, portable, and highly reasonable ways of relaxing and calming your muscles? Do you feel stressed because of loads of professional and personal tasks at hand? This is some of the problems every other individual face in his day to day life. And finding a permanent .. read more

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Top 5 Best Self massage tools for pain Relief

Pain Relief Devices Santamedical has been in to making healthcare products for quite sometime now and presently five of their self massaging tools are in market. Available as per different users’ requirement, these equipment’s are best recipe for keeping the muscles healthy and far from tiredness. Variations give the flexibility to the users to choose .. read more

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What is The PM-120 Tens Unit and it’s uses?

PM-120 Tens Unit The PM-120 Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager works in 6 modes and is great for relieving the pain in muscles and sores. It is small in size but extremely useful in improving the health of muscles.  You can use the massager on the shoulders, neck, arms, back, low back, feet, joints, legs, .. read more

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Excellent Muscle Stimulator for Electrotherapy Pain Management

The Tens Unit Pulse Massager is great for people suffering from the muscle pain. The electronic pulse massager works by millions of vibrations per second. Treat your muscle pain with this massager and enhance your muscle performance in just a few days. Excellent Muscle Stimulator for Electrotherapy Pain Management “Say Goodbye to your muscle pain .. read more

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What is the Massage Roller?

Massage Roller At present time we can find people living in cities often fall prey to obesity as they are engaged in very less physical work. In order to stay fit it is essential we should do regular exercise and before doing exercise it is always essential people go through warm up session so that .. read more

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How Does a TENS Unit Work?

Working Method of TENS Unit Tens or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine is the alternative chosen and suggested by experts for the purpose of killing pain. Tens is small portable machine which is operated by a battery. The box of the device is connected to sticky pads with the help of wires which are stuck .. read more

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General Information About TENS Therapy

TENS Therapy People often use TENS Unit or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to temporarily get relief from painful sufferings, it is considered as an alternative to pain killer. It is quite beneficial and effective as per the users review and also another advantage is that it has no side effects. People use TENS to relief .. read more

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Non-Drug Pain Treatment

Non-Drug Pain Treatment with TENS Unit Are you looking for best pain killer without any side effects? Do you want relief from sudden painful sufferings without any operation or medicinal treatment? All you painful problems of back ache, migraine headaches, sports injuries, arthritis, etc and much more can be treat by TENS Unit which is .. read more

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TENS Unit in Pregnancy It can be quite scary and tensioned task to use anything whether new or unknown especially in case of medicine or any treatment during your pregnancy. Experts and experienced doctors suggest that TENS Unit must never be used during pregnancy until the labor pain. Labor pain can be effectively treated to .. read more

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What is a TENS Machine?

TENS Machine The transcutaneous Electrical nerve stimulation, or the TENS unit, is the high tech digital machine that enables the passage of electronic pulse or low power electric current in the body of the patient or the host. This small and handy TENS Machine is widely acceptable for treating the patient therapeutically to relive them .. read more

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What is EMS device?

EMS device The Electric Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, is also known as the neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). It is also famous as the electro-myo stimulation, as it responds to the muscular contractions with the help of the electric pulses, which are being produced by the small in build battery. The EMS machine has gained popularity, .. read more

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What is a TENS Unit and How Does it Work?

  TENS Unit The Transcutaneous Electrical nerve stimulation, is commonly known as the TENS Unit, is the electronic machine that passes electric current in the body, which results in stimulating the nerves. Thus the machine can be used to serve the therapeutic purposes. The units are generally applied on to the body with the help .. read more

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Mini Penguin Massager with Two Modes- So Much Power in a Small Device

Mini Penguin Massager Throwing out stress from life is not so easy, though some say otherwise and everyone has right to have their opinion. By the way article is not about how to throw stress, but how to avoid the brunt of stress that body faces. Along with mind, body also feels the stress, irrespective .. read more

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Benefits of Electronic Pulse Massager Tens Unit in Pregnancy

TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager In these days many people suffer from muscle pain due to old age factor, accident, arthritis, and some kind of physical injuries. Further, even people who belongs or living in the cities, work for hour by sitting in the front of their computers, laptops etc. and they can’t manage to .. read more

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