Working method of Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy Diffuser

The goodness of essential oils is all employed in essential oil therapy or more popularly known as Aromatherapy where the individual de-stresses and which ultimately leads to physical and psychological well-being. Essential oils are enriched with the plant’s essence and commonly known to have provided the benefits when they are used in the perfect combination. Aromatherapy also employs the use of CO2, absolutes, and the Hydrosols. There are multiple benefits of using essential oils in aromatherapy, some of which are listed as follows –

1. The inhaling of essential oils leads to the physical and psychological benefits.
2. A reaction triggers when the essential oil used in the aromatherapy stimulates the brain.
3. If one uses the eucalyptus oil, it can help in easing the problem of congestion, which is one notable example.
4. Overall, the use of aromatherapy is mainly to maintain the balance, harmony, and lead to the promotion of body’s mind and spirit.
5. The process of Aromatherapy is beneficial in problems of circulation, menopause, digestion, headaches, body aches, muscular aches, Insomnia, anxiety, and stress.
6. Often the process of aromatherapy includes the massaging to relax the body and de-stressing it.

How does it work?

Aromatherapy is done mainly in three ways-

a. Topical applications
b. Direct Inhalation
c. Aerial diffusion

Nowadays there are a lot of means to get the benefits of Vapor Aromatherapy, most popular of which is the traditional way of doing the aromatherapy. The other includes the aromatherapy diffuser available in different brands. The diffuser contains some differently colored lights such as the green, red, yellow, orange, etc. The colors are used to create a very soothing effect. The diffuser works according to the timer being set by an individual. One can adjust the timer to 60 min, 90 min, 120 min, and even 180 min. The device is designed to create 2.4 million ultrasonic vibrations in just one second. This method employs essential oil which burns slowly creating a soothing, divine effect which works on little energy until the oil runs out and switches off automatically.