How do I know if I have high blood pressure?

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

In our body, there are many blood vessels which pump blood through our heart, in the power they push blood to every organ in our body by circulating called blood pressure. Blood pressure measures in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Blood pressure are of two types which is systolic (high) and diastolic (low). Our heart usually beats very fast in high blood pressure and beats low (relaxed) in low blood pressure. Both pressures are dangerous for our body, low blood pressure not good also high blood pressure is dangerous. In high blood pressure there is danger of heart failure. We should have known always that what is the normal blood pressure of our body, blood pressure controls the whole body. To every organ reaches blood through the heart by blood vessels which pump through our circulatory system. There are some symptoms of high blood pressure but also mandatory to go to the doctor for measurement of blood pressure before taking any cure:

(i)   Headaches: – Usually it has been seen that when if we have high blood pressure we become patient of hypertension & then we felt in high headache sometime. So, we need to care about that why we are having headache, but also it’s not mandatory that every patient will have headache who is patient of high blood pressure. Often physician says that high blood pressure patient feel less headache in front normal persons.

(ii)   Proper breath: – Often it has been seen that high blood pressure patient feels difficulty in taking proper breath & they easily come in grip of asthma. Naturally in high blood pressure patient blood moves in extra fast motion and patient organs works in unmanageable moves. Then it happens that high blood pressure patient feels more difficulty in taking proper breath, they get tired frequently by walking or doing efforts work.

(iii)  Nosebleed: – Sometimes a patient has high blood pressure problem, he can get nosebleed because it happens because this is not necessary that every organ of body can tolerate that speed of high blood pressure (move) as nose can also bleed in high BP, but also it is not full proof symptom of high blood pressure, it can be natural by summer.

(iv)  Hypertension & anxiety : These are the factors which feels patient, when a patient or a normal person feel these factors, he should measure or diagnose himself for blood pressure, it is not mandatory that if a person feeling this symptoms he should have high blood pressure but it can be the signs of high blood pressure. So, there is importance of measure blood pressure regularly.

(v)   Blood in eyes & mood swing: Sometimes it has been seen that if a person has high blood pressure, his eyes become reddish in color, and also that high blood pressure patient mood swings frequently because of high pressure (move) of blood in every organ.

Usually we see high blood pressure patient critical because in low blood pressure patient doesn’t feel disturb, but in high blood pressure patient feel flurry, lack of sleep, hypertension etc that’s why it is proven that high blood pressure is more critical than low blood pressure. In high blood pressure blood vessels pump blood very fast to every organ in body so the blood vessels don’t endure of fast circulation of blood, the blood vessels become very narrow and weaker day by day of high blood pressure patient. A person should know his blood pressure continuously to prevent and cure before developing, so he should get prepare for any harm which can happen by high blood pressure because there is many harm and crucial disease happens by high blood pressure like heart failure, memory loss, kidney damage etc.

Why Regularly Blood Pressure Measurement is Important