Gurin Massage Roller – 17.7 Inches (Treats Muscle Pain, Knots, Trigger Points, Sports Injuries, Muscle Massage, Increases Muscle Flexibility and Strength)



  • Eliminate muscle soreness
  • Prevents Injuries and Increases Muscle Flexibility and Strength
  • Relieves Muscle Pains of Occupational Overuse Syndrome
  • Releases Chronic Patterns of Tension in Body on the Contracted Area
  • Reduces Fat and Keeps Body Slim through its Slow Strokes on each Body Part

Gurin massage roller allows you to reach all muscle groups of arms, head, neck, waist, shoulders, back, legs, and feet. Gently apply 20 strokes on each body part by yourself or with assistance. Relieve muscle pains of occupational overuse syndrome.
Release the chronic patterns of tension in the body on the contracted area. Warm-up before exercises to prevent sports injuries. Recover tired muscles and reduce soreness after exercise. Reduce fat and keep body slim through slow strokes on each body part. Ease drowsiness, insomnia or headache by rolling on neck and forehead.
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