Infrared Thermometer device Measure Temperature from a Distance

Infrared Medical Thermometer

The Santa Medical non-contact infrared (IR) medical thermometer provides an easy, convenient, and precise way for initial high temperature tests by taking the temperature of areas on the face such as the temple or split channels. It acquires the human body’s temperature studying with 0.3 degree precision in less than 1 second. The Santamedical IR thermometer functions a user-friendly assistance system to protected placement and make sure precise readings. Temperature ranges (Fahrenheit or Celsius) are shown on a huge back-lit LCD display for easier studying even in total night. Flexible sound alert will aware you if climate is too high. Since there is no pollution risk, one can instantly start again to check out the temperature of other close relatives or individuals without having to sterilize or modifying the tip.

Santa Medical Thermometer was designed for temple temperature recognition from a 1″-4″ (5-15cm) distance with an 89-109 F (32.0-43.0C) temperature range. Compared with other IR thermometers that only measure area temperature, Santa Medical Thermometer is medically adjusted to turn the temple temperature reading(external surface) into inner human body’s temperature which is one of the most important vital symptoms for human being. It can also store 32 temperature readings for future referrals.

The shiny back-lit LCD display shows readings even in night. A sleeping baby or individual will not be disrupted by the Thermometer as it is used nor will it cause any pain if they are conscious. For public health regulators, it provides an easy, quick, Non-contact, and non-invasive way to perform initial mass-screening for H1N1 high temperature (swine flu) disease symptoms (body temperatures above 98.6 levels F or 37 levels Celsius).

Infrared Medical Thermometer can take over 100,000 readings on a single set of 2 AA batteries (included). With its strong, effect and waterproof design, it is able to take over 3,000,000 dimensions in the product’s life-time. When using, it is only required to arrange the recognition window to look at the human body’s temperature quickly and perfectly.