Facial Brush 4-in-1 SPA Cleansing system, waterproof and Cordless

Gurin GF-110 cleansing system is developed by Gurin in order to enhance beauty and for skin exfoliation. With its regular use, you can bring out inner beauty as it helps in increasing the blood circulation for a flawless, healthy and younger looking skin.

Face and body Ultra Clean Brush

Recently the all new face and body cleansing system has been introduced by Gurin. It has been introduced with some modifications and improvements for the best results. The device incorporates the latest technology to bring out the most desirable results.

What does the cleansing system offers?

  1. The cleansing system has a facial brush that rotates. It is available in the set for deep exfoliation and cleansing process. The brush is waterproof and it is suitable to be used while you are taking bath.
  2. The Gurin cleaning system is great to reduce the wrinkles and lines in skin and it also deeply cleans the pores by extracting the bacteria out of them.
  3. The pores containing the leftover makeup are also effectively cleaned and that ensures your skin is perfectly cleaned right from your head to toe.
  4. The cleansing set contains 4 AA batteries.
  5. This can be used for hand-washing cream, facial emulsion, and even with the products for cleaning your foot.

The attachments include

  1. Big body brush for exfoliating and preparing the body for applying the lotion
  2. Facial sponge that is just right for a sensitive skin. The facila sponge can also be used to apply serum, lotion, and even the foundation.
  3. Small facial brush for deep cleaning of skin.
  4. Pumice stone for gentle removal of dead skin and calluses.

This face and body cleansing system is microdermabrasion and it helps in keeping your skin of both the face and body in fine condition. The rotating brushes work to make your skin look very healthy and youthful. The dirt and oil that is embedded into the skin is done by the microdermabrasion spinning head and the result is more beautiful skin. The skin conditions such as the acne and rosacea can also be controlled with this cleansing system.

The brushes in the set are capable of reducing the appearance of wrinkles, scars, fine lines, enlarged pores,  superficial sun damage, and age spots. This results in your skin looking polished and the improved texture of the skin.