Excellent Muscle Stimulator for Electrotherapy Pain Management

The Tens Unit Pulse Massager is great for people suffering from the muscle pain. The electronic pulse massager works by millions of vibrations per second. Treat your muscle pain with this massager and enhance your muscle performance in just a few days.

Excellent Muscle Stimulator for Electrotherapy Pain Management

Say Goodbye to your muscle pain for lifetime, says the marketing manager of SantaMedical. With the introduction of Tens Unit Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager, you can definitely say goodbye to your muscle discomfort and pain.

Here are the features of this device –

  1. The device incorporates the six stimulation programs or the auto modes. The speed they offer is fully adjustable just according to your convenience.
  2. You can also adjust the device’s intensity and the stimulation is of high frequency in order to relieve you from pain.
  3. There are four attachment pads included in the set.
  4. The device works on DC 6V and there are 4 AAA batteries included in the set for better functioning.
  5. The pulse massager has an LCD display that will show you the style of massaging, the intensity your device is at, and the time that is remaining. There are three options for selecting the massage.
  6. The entire set measures just 5.3 ounce and the best thing it has is that it looks no less than a remote control. It has enough power in it to massage your entire body.
  7. The massager is portable and so you can carry it anywhere you like. During the traveling, people often face problems and that is when you need it to the most.

Benefits of Tens unit electronic massager

  • The Santamedical electronic pulse massager is considered as the best unit for muscle soreness, stress, chronic pain, or stiffness.
  • You can treat the pain of thigh, elbow, knee, calf, neck, arm, hand, wrist, shoulder, back – lower and upper, and so many more areas of the body.
  • The set is made to be used all over the body and this ensures that you can use it to cover the wide area of the body.
  • You will have the feature of controlling the massage settings for getting ultimate comfort.
  • It is not necessary to use all the four pads at the same time. You can also use two pads at one time and that depends on your requirements.

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