Water flossing is as important as brushing your teeth

Water Flosser

When it comes to addressing oral health concerns, then apart from brushing twice a day and other treatment methods, water flossing plays a vital role. A water flosser is known to help majorly in dental care at homes.
A thin water stream emerges from water flosser, aiming towards the space between the teeth and at the gum-line. It results in wiping clean the particles of food and plaque.


It is extremely effective in getting rid of plaque formed between the teeth, as a result of food consumed all day. Flossing is considered a sure-shot way of a sound dental health. The appliance reaches all areas of the mouth, wiping the bacteria, plaque, and the food particles(causing bad breath and more bacteria to generate. Thus, freeing the mouth of any possibilities of dental health problems. People suffering from dexterity diseases such as arthritis where string flossing becomes difficult, water flosser can prove to be a great help.
For people having braces can rely on water flossing for clear braces at all times. It is useful in cleaning crowns, bridges, as well as for dental implants.

The concept of EEC

Speaking of its benefits, one can say water flosser, also known as Oral Irrigator, is Easy, Effective, and Comfortable to use. One considerable benefit of this dental health treatment is gum tissue stimulation.
Some other benefits
Opt for water flossing to prevent and treat gum issues. The oral irrigators are one of the enhanced methods said to have been clinically tested and proven in reducing the effects of gingivitis and leading to improved gum health.
All in all, water flossing can be used once in a day, and it is perfect to take care of areas in the mouth where a toothbrush cannot reach. Not just this, it is a perfect substitute of floss threader, string floss, and inter-dental brush.

Are you avoiding string flossing or do it less often?

People, often avoid using string floss and then there are some who don’t do it regularly, in such cases, water flossing is a definite help.