What benefits can you get with Activated Isolated Stretching(AIS)

Both sports and exercise help our body to stay fit, flexible and active but for athletes, to meet their target goals they need some extra help from athletic trainers and massage therapists. Because of the effectiveness of the Activated Isolated Stretching(AIS), it becomes the preference of therapists to optimize athlete’s performance. To gain flexibility, athletes exercise and take therapist’s help to stay fit; as inflexibility decrease the activity of the immune system that directly affects their performance. Inflexible body restricts the blood flow, oxygen, and nutrition from entering the cells that become an issue for a player to achieve their goals.

Therapists hold each stretch for only two seconds and this experienced hold and stretching session improves the functioning of the athlete’s body. Having a flexible body is not only good for players but also required for all the people to live a healthy life. A trained stretching session will help the human body to get repair itself and maintain the flexibility.

Today we prefer to live comfortably and not maintaining our body natural fitness regimen that makes our body inflexible because of less physical work. With stretching one can live to achieve a healthy life, as this therapy provides an ability to the body to gain body’s natural physiological way to improve blood circulation, flexibility, and increasing the elasticity of joints and fascia. It also proved best to gain physiological restoration of superficial and deep fascial planes.

Why athletes are interested to get this therapeutic treatment? They can get freedom from the hard exercises and its effectiveness proved to treat Hamstrings Lower – Strain/Tear, Medial Epicondylitis (Golfer’s Elbow), Shoulder Impingement and Tenosynovitis etc.

To stay fit and active, we all can get stretching sessions from a therapist and can enjoy a healthy life with our loved ones. It not only strengthens the muscles but also helps to gain physical activeness and speed up the recovery process from problems like low back and hip pain; Scoliosis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; and muscle spasms and pains.