Track Pulse Oximeter Readings

Pulse Oximeter Reading

A Pulse Oximeter is a digital device widely used by medics for monitoring and measuring oxygen level and pulse rate of a human body. This device is increasingly gaining popularity because as like weighing machine or a thermometer, pulse oximeter can be used for accurate results at home. The pulse oximeter helps in running an arterial blood diagnosis which determines the amount percentage oxygen present in the blood of human body. The digital device, pulse oximeter is connected to the human body with the help of probe to body part like finger tip, ear lobe or toe finger.

The probe of this pulse oximeter consists of clip like structure which has photodiode faced with two small light diodes which has two different wavelengths. One of these two led is an infrared and the other is red. Both these lights differ in absorption between the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood which is the working principle to calculate the ratio between the two. With the reading that the pulse oximeter tracks indicated the amount of oxygen level present in the body of human blood and indicated whether the body needs supplement oxygen source or not because oxygen saturation level below 92% is not normal.

Precaution is better than cure, well said. Tracking the pulse oximeter reading can be very useful. There are some symptoms that are noticed when the patient is suffering from last stages of some dangerous disease, especially the problems related to respiration. When the breathing start causing serious issues and weakens the body system arterial blood oxygen saturation level falls quickly and causes the deficiency of oxygen in human body which may cause even life at risk. With the advancement of science and technology, scientists and researchers have developed an digital device like thermometer and weighting machine which is easy to carry and can be easily and effectively used to diagnose your pulse rate and measure oxygen saturation level in blood. This measurement can acknowledge you beforehand about the disease or lack oxygen in blood so that you can take necessary steps to cure major diseases and medical problems, saving time as well as money.

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