Gurin GD-210ENT Professional Otoscope / Ophthalmoscope E.N.T. Diagnostic Instrument Set with Zippered Leather case

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  • Complete E.N.T. Set
  • Includes Otoscope, Nasal specula attachment, Ophthalmoscope, Bent Arm Illuminator, Various tongue depressors and mirrors
  • Bayonette mount makes changing instrument heads a snap

This is a brand new, Physician Quality Complete E.N.T. Diagnostic Set in a a lined and cushioned impact resistant lightweight but tough zippered case. Powered by 2 standard C sized batteries, rechargables also work well. The instrument handle utilizes a bayonet luer-locking mechanism for changing the multiple instrument heads included in the kit. The luer locking style is guaranteed to never wear out. The Otoscope lens is an Optical quality GLASS that is specially-coated to help resist scratches.

Diagnostic Set includes: 2.5V Halogen Lamp Otoscope head with 3 reusable speculas, 1 Ophthalmoscope head with lens selection wheel (0 to 40 and 0 to –25 diopters single large circle, 1 bent arm illuminator 2 laryngeal mirrors, 1 nasal specula, 1 battery handle, 1 tongue blade holder, 1 adaptor for single use speculas, 1 tong blade, 8 single use speculas

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SKU: gurin-GD-210ENT
Weight: 1.6 lb
Packaged Weight: 1.8lb
MSRP: $199

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