AccuraPulse Fully Automatic Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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✔️ FEATURES: – LARGE LCD DISPLAY with BACKLIGHT – Easy to read with the large display. The backlight makes it easy to read even in the dark. – MEMORY CAPACITY – Memory storage with date and time stamp allows you to review the last 60 readings per user with a touch of a button. The device can be used for 2 users. – FAST READING – Less than 1-minute response. – AVERAGE 3 READINGS – Average of 3 consecutive readings.
✔️ INSTANT MONITORING: FDA and CE approved, the AccuraPulse Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is designed to make your blood pressure monitoring simple, quick, and easy at all times. The monitor will give you the SYSTOLIC AND DIASTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURE READINGS, along with the HEART RATE.
✔️ ADDITIONAL FEATURES: – IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT INDICATOR – If an irregular heartbeat is detected the irregular heartbeat symbol will show on the device. – HYPERTENSION INDICATOR – Records your indications of hypertension. – BODY MOVEMENT INDICATOR – Body movement detection to assist with more accurate readings.
✔️ CLINICALLY VALIDATED: This digital blood pressure monitor device has an advanced measuring technique that not only gives you a fast reading but more importantly the most accurate one. Additionally, it gives you a reliable reading as to whether or not you have a higher or lower blood pressure than your normal one. This is an important feature because the accuracy of readings is vital in the medication of high blood pressure.
✔️ GUARANTEED:We are confident in our product; therefore, we guarantee it. If for some reason you are unhappy with the device, we will take it back within 1 year from purchase.

Product description
Life is about balance. Our team understands the desire to live life with a healthy balance. The AccuraPulse Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor was designed with this in mind. The device is portable with a lightweight and durable design. You can check your blood pressure on the go, when necessary.

Nearly one third of Americans suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure); therefore, many doctors are now asking their patients to track their blood pressure data at home via an automatic monitor. It is important for the device to be used in consultation with a qualified medical practitioner. Your doctor will be able to determine any health issues and is the best person to make the most sense of your readings.



The monitor is designed for those who want clear, accurate results and the ability to store data. FDA & CE approved, giving you more confidence that the data is accurate. Precision is key for tracking your health and giving you a peace of mind.


Newly updated with a premium cuff and a professional kit, this monitor measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as pulse with a single button.

EASE OF USE: Clear product instructions, making the device quick and easy to set up.

AUTOMATIC: Starts taking a reading at the press of a button.

SPEED: Returns results within a minute.

MEMORY: Can record up to 120 readings & can accommodate 2 users with 60 readings each. (This is handy if you have more than one person monitoring their blood pressure in the same household, as you can share one device instead of buying multiple separate models.) Gives an average of last 3 values.

ALERTS: Will alert you if you have high blood pressure, or if you have an irregular heartbeat. An irregular heartbeat detector will help tell if you have an arrhythmia, a condition which often goes undiagnosed.

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