Normal Range of Blood Pressure

Normal range of blood pressure of men, women, child, 60+ age and pregnant women

Blood pressure differs according to body, gender, age & condition, often physician says that thyroid, sugar and blood pressure control the whole body. When we talk about blood pressure, when our heart beats and circulate the blood to every organ of our body through the blood vessels, the power which is used during this process called blood pressure. Blood pressure varies time to time and person to person also. Blood pressure is of two types low and high blood pressure. Normal range of blood pressure of different persons at different time given below:

Blood pressure of men

Normal blood pressure is when the top number is 120 and the below number is 80 generally i.e. 120/80. Usually the blood pressure range moves around this number of a normal person. This is the normal range of blood pressure which usually sees in normal person.

Blood pressure of women

In women it has been seen the blood pressure in the range of 120/80, systolic blood pressure moves around 120 and diastolic blood pressure moves around 80 in women also in normal condition & time. Usually it depends on time to time that how blood pressure ups and down.

Blood pressure of child

Blood pressure is very important thing to measure for everyone, for children everything is very crucial whatever the condition low or high. It should be normal & checked time to time. There are certain criteria for child blood pressure.

Age of children              High BP    Low BP

           1-4 years 80-110 50-80
           3-5 years 80-110 50-80
           6-13 years 85-120 55-80
           13-18 years 95-140 60-90

Blood pressure of 60+ age

After the age of 60, blood pressure moves around 134/87, in this age every person body changes day by day in terms of health and power. Blood pressure gets affected very frequently by walking more, doing any extra effort. In this age body doesn’t allow for effort work and extra moving type of work, generally it is advisable in this age to do not any heavy work. Blood pressure affects more by this type of work. Generally it has been seen that in this age blood pressure remain and moves around this figure of 134/87.

Blood pressure of pregnant women

During pregnancy every woman consult doctor throughout the pregnancy and also takes routine checkup, here is very important to check blood pressure in every checkup. Blood pressure is a tool to understand how good your pregnancy is going on. In pregnancy every woman mood swings frequently and blood pressure may ups and down day by day. So blood pressure changing very normal for a pregnant lady, but it should be healthy all the times. Normally it has been seen that a pregnant lady carries 110 or 120 in systolic and 70 or 80 in diastolic blood pressure (120/80 or 110/70 mmHg).

In pregnancy usually blood pressure varies a lot but it is not admitted to worry because according to mood swings and organs activity it is normal. Blood pressure is very important and crucial factor of our body, Blood Pressure Monitor is very important time to time.