Non-Drug Pain Treatment

Non-Drug Pain Treatment with TENS Unit

Are you looking for best pain killer without any side effects? Do you want relief from sudden painful sufferings without any operation or medicinal treatment? All you painful problems of back ache, migraine headaches, sports injuries, arthritis, etc and much more can be treat by TENS Unit which is the best non drug pain treatment as suggested by experts and doctors. TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve system can relief you from painful sufferings with the help of electric current produced by TENS device to stimulate the nerve and blocking the pain signals from reaching the brain.

TENS Unit consists of sticky pads connected with two electrodes for the purpose of transmitting electrical impulses and these pads are usually placed over the affected area for effective short term pain relief. TENS machine treats painful affected areas by delivering a small electric current which blocks the pain nerves signals from reaching the brain and creating painful sensations. This works by generating alternate non painful signals to brain and thus is treats pain for short time interval in case of sudden intolerable pain. The TENS Unit works on different frequencies in which it also causes the body to release natural pain killing chemical substitute called endorphin which help in promoting the feeling of well being.

A TENS Unit can be the best and effective treatment for sudden pain sufferings. It consists of simple parts like device, battery (low potential or low voltage) which makes it a portable non drug pain killer. The TENS electrical device is self operated and the frequency can be adjusted to high pulse rate as well as lowering the pulse rate. The TENS device serves many advantages but the overuse or misuse of device can be very harmful. So it’s suggested to get a consult a doctor or an expert before usage. TENS works by interfering and stimulating the nerve system with the help of electrical impulse. Therefore it is suggested to carefully use the pain killer non drug treatment on sensitive areas like eyes, broken skin areas, wounds or directly over the spinal column as it may cause some serious problems.

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