Health Tips and Caring Tips for Your Baby


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At least one month before the expected date of delivery, parents should have everything ready for the arrival of the baby. Some things will be dispensable but others will be mandatory from the outset.

The day of labor is approaching and it is necessary to begin to organize everything that the newborn will need to either take to the hospital or when they come home. First-time parents may be a bit lost at first, but little by little they will discover all the child’s needs. Some basic things to keep in mind for the hospital and the first few days:


At first, it is better to buy little clothes because the newborn babies grow very fast so it is better to go shopping or borrowing as time goes on. To take to the hospital and the first month, the most comfortable will be the bodies. You must have several spare parts because at first, it will be necessary to change the baby a few times a day. We must choose them according to the time of the year in which the little one was born and the best ones are the ones of cotton.

Socks and booties are important if the body is not complete since the feet lose a lot of body heat. The same goes for the head, the first few days you should wear a hat.

Hygiene products

Diapers will be one of the most important acquisitions. If the birth is in a public hospital, it will not be necessary to take them but not the same in the private ones.

When you get home it is best to have bought everything you need for the first few days, or several boxes of disposable diapers for newborns or various cloth diapers are cheaper but it takes more time and effort.

A basket of hygiene commodities specific to the newborn baby should also be prepared. It should consist of: baby gels, cream for irritation of the head, cologne (not obligatory), wipes, sponge and soft towels and natural fabrics, and a brush of very soft hairbrushes. The first baths should be given in a bathtub or special tub for newborns, so there is no danger of slipping.


The first thing the little one needs when he gets home will be a crib or bassinet. There will also be several bed sheets and a mattress protector. The mattress must be firm so that the baby does not sink and be approved and it is good to have an anti-roll cushion. You also have to have a baby sack, better than sheets so it will not lick.

To eat

If the baby is going to take breast milk, we will need a breast pump and specific containers so that this milk can be kept in case you can’t breastfeed at any time. If feeding is to be based on formula milk, we should have the specific for newborns, apart from several bottles and specific utensils for cleaning. The water used for the preparation of food must be mineral.

Transport for baby

It will be necessary to have a suitable baby stroller to take the child, can’t be all day in our arms and much less if we go by car or public transport. The cart should be adjusted to the needs of the baby and the family economy but should be able to recline, provide good support to the child and fit or fit the car.

Apart we must carry a cold sack or blanket, umbrella or rain cover depending on the weather and a basket with basic things to avoid unforeseen (diapers, clean mule, wet wipes, bibs …).

Health and medicine cabinet

The baby does not have to get upset but it is better to be cautious and have some things at hand just in case, some pediatric fever reducer and thermometer; although whenever we suspect of illness we must go to the doctor. For the cleaning of the umbilical cord it is necessary to have sterile gauze, alcohol and physiological serum, which will also serve in case of excess mucus.

Some accessory things

Apart from the basic things for the newborn, there are many others that, although not strictly necessary, always come well. Joyful decoration and toys for the baby’s room, baby carrier, clothes for children over six months, children’s music discs, baby monitor, night lights for your room, children’s cosmetic products, etc.


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