General Information About TENS Therapy

TENS Therapy

People often use TENS Unit or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to temporarily get relief from painful sufferings, it is considered as an alternative to pain killer. It is quite beneficial and effective as per the users review and also another advantage is that it has no side effects. People use TENS to relief from illness and conditions. A small portable electrically operated TENS Unit can be used anywhere, anytime by anyone for effective relief from pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia or several painful conditions like back pain, neck pain, bursitis and tendinitis. TENS therapy stimulation nerve system operated on low voltage electrical current for transmitting electrical current in form of electrical pulse by two electrode for effective results and relief.

The Tens machine is connected to your skin with the help of stick pads consisting of connected electrodes. The electrodes are placed at the point of painful area or at some pressure point, creating a circuit of electrical current which generates pulse to travel along nerve fibers. After the continuous deliveries of electrical current in form of electrical pulse people review that they got a good relief from pain. The TENS therapy follows a mechanism for a successful relief from pain discussed below:

The delivered current stimulates the nerves in the affected area which immediately send signals to brain that block the normal pain signals from reaching the brain and making you feels the painful sensations in the high pulse rate mode where frequency ranges from 90- 130 Hz while in the low pulse rate between 2-5Hz, the electrical nerve stimulation via TENS device help the body to generate natural pain killer known as endorphins which is just like morphine that blocks the sensations of pain in the affected area.

Nowadays doctors and experts use TENS therapy to treat sudden painful sufferings like labor pain, chronic or long lasting pain, migraine headaches, period pains, sports injuries and even cancer pain. Muscle, joint and bone problems can also be treated successfully. TENS is considered to have no side effects and considered to be 100% safe although the overuse or misuse could be harmful.

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