What is the difference between Digital Thermometer and Infrared Thermometer?

Infrared and Digital Thermometer

There is an enormous understandable difference between the infrared thermometer and the digital thermometer. Or more simply speaking, there is a distinction between the contact and the non-contact thermometer. It is also imperative to understand this difference as it is crucial for your health, quality issues and the safety in a large number of industries. People have been using this device for like hundreds of years in a large number of applications. Just after time, it is the temperature that is measured the most. People use them in the various fields such as the medical, civil, mechanical, quality control, maintenance, etc. and it all depends much on the temperature measurements.

The Vital Difference

Thermometers are majorly differentiated as non-contact and contact thermometers. Contact thermometers use the contact sensors to measure the temperature and work on the phenomenon of transfer of heat which is commonly known as the “Conduction.” These thermometers need the physical contact with the device to measure the temperature. The concept of non-contact thermometers does not require any physical contact with the body whose temperature is to be measured. The temperature is measured as the infrared emission’s levels are read.

The importance of both lies in the fact of their popularity and their usage. For years people have been using digital thermometers for measuring the temperature of the patients in the homes, hospitals, and hospices. Doctors relied on these thermometers until the Infrared Thermometer took over the market. The infrared or the non-contact thermometers work on the concept of measuring the temperature of the body. They are becoming increasingly popular mainly because of their highly reasonable cost and the ease of usage.

The other factors that have helped hospitals decide better as to which device should be used, it is the reliability of the instrument, the accuracy of the non-contact Infrared thermometer, its application, and the impressive budget. One can find tens of types of infrared thermometers in the market today, but the choice depends on these four factors after all.

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