CoolSculpting Facts Other Doctors Won’t Tell You


There’s an awesome cosmetic procedure called CoolSculpting that can aid people dealing with areas of stubborn fat on their bodies. It is so effective because it permanently helps the body destroy fat cells.

There are many women and men who have stubborn areas of fat on their bodies.

These pockets of fat won’t go away no matter how much you exercise or how strictly you follow a healthy diet.

Woman have a harder time gaining muscle and eliminating fat due to female hormones which promote fat storage.

People are born with a finite amount of fat cells in their bodies and these fat cells do not increase or decrease in number even with regular exercise and eating healthy food.

For women after having kids, and as they age, specific areas of their body may hold onto fat due to the amount of ‘baby weight’ they gained during pregnancy, factors from labor, and pregnancy itself.

How did CoolSculpting Come About?

CoolSculpting has been around since 2010 and has become one of the most common forms of non-invasive cosmetic treatment, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Moreover, it’s a much easier procedure to go through than liposuction.

CoolSculpting is cheaper treatment than surgery since it’s a non-evasive treatment. Recovery time for patients is fast, and there is no need to worry about problems from anesthetic or surgical cuts resulting in scars. CoolSculpting is the process of freezing fat cells, so these fat cells die. The human body easily and naturally, removes these cells dead cells.

CoolSculpting was discovered when Harvard University scientists noticed that many children who ate popsicles, soon after had “dimples” in their cheeks. This lead Scientists, “Dieter Manstein (M.D.)” and “R. Rox Anderson (M.D.),” discovered that the popsicles froze and got rid of small pockets of fat cells within these children’s cheeks.

This idea was transferred into the realm of cosmetic procedures where using cold temperatures has turned into a method to “target” fat cells.

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What Is the Difference Between CoolSculpting and Weight Loss?


When you follow a regime, eating a good diet and losing weight through the diet and exercise, a person’s fat cells become smaller. However, a number of fat cells a person is born with, remains the same throughout their life.

This means that when you gain weight, your fat cells become larger, but you don’t gain any new fat cells. Conversely, with CoolSculpting, when you have your fat cells frozen, the procedure decreases the number of fat cells in the areas of the body you’re having treated. This means that CoolSculpting can reduce your actual fat cells c as much as 20 to 25 percent each time you receive the treatment As well, since these cells are frozen and killed off, they don’t move to other parts of your body either.

Once fat cells, in a chosen area, are treated through the “controlled freezing” of CoolSculpting, they die off. Your treated cells “collapse” and over the next few weeks and months, other cells eliminate what’s left of your dead fat cells. These means dead fat cells are purged from your body forever. 

CoolSculpting Doesn’t Treat Loose Skin

CoolSculpting does not affect sagging or drooping skin from weight loss, having children (etc.). Loose skin has to be removed through other cosmetic procedures. CoolSculpting can also have the effect of causing the skin to look noticeably droopier as you’ve reduced your fat cells, and the amount of fat on your body, during the treatment.

Some women who receive CoolSculpting (after they are done having children) opt to also have a ‘tummy tuck’ after having CoolSculpting treatments. A ‘tummy tuck’ is a possible solution for women wanting to attain a perfectly ‘smooth belly’ after pregnancy or for any man or woman who has lost a lot of weight and has received CoolSculpting as well.

Most patients are happy with their CoolSculpting results after only one treatment; however, other people may require a second treatment. Every time a person receives another CoolSculpting treatment, another “20 to 25” percent of fat cells in the body are killed off..

Is there any downtime after treatment?

It takes time to recover after having CoolSculpting done, particularly, in multiple areas of your body. You might have some bruising on your treated area(s) after bruising feel “tingling” or “swelling” for a few days following the treatment. Although CoolSculpting is often advertised as taking just ‘one hour,’ this is only true if you’re having CoolSculpting done on one specific area of your body. If you’re having multiple areas done at the same time, your session could take “1 hour” on each part of your body you have treated.

For example, if you’re having your ‘love handles’ treated, each handle is a considered one area each and will each take up to one ‘one hour, of treatment.

If you treat your full stomach, such as your lower abdomen this counts as two separate areas and another ‘two hours of treatment. Therefore, altogether, this means your abdominal area, take a full 4 hours of CoolSculpting.

What Do Treated Areas of the Body Look like after Treatment?

After you’ve finished a CoolSculpting treatment, the area where you had your fat cells frozen may look similar to “a blob of butter.”

This appearance will subside in a few days. As well, your Doctor will massage the area of skin you had treated as the massage ensures that the frozen fat leaves your body faster. This massage also aids improving your skin’s appearance more quickly.

It’s also vital to remember that CoolSculpting takes time to reveal its fantastic results. Each person’s body gets rid of dead fat cells at their body’s own unique pace. It can take a full three to four weeks to notice an improvement in areas of stubborn fat you had treated on your body.

This is because it takes time to flush the fat cells out of your body.

Full results from CoolSculpting “can take up to two to three months” according to Dr. Alex Roher of San Diego Botox Medical Spa and CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting Can’t Replace Eating Healthy & Exercising

After your sessions, you’ll need to continue eating healthy and exercising on a schedule each week. While CoolSculpting results are permanent and highly visible once a few months have passed, you’ll have to be careful with your weight just as were before your session.

Long lasting results mean that a healthy diet and exercising is a must for women and men having this procedure. Avoid weight gain as it can cause your skin to stretch out, even though you’ve lost a good portion of your fat cells.

Final Thoughts

CoolSculpting continues to change the lives of millions of people aiding them in attaining their ideal body and skin appearance. More than “2 million Americans have received CoolSculpting and are proof of the procedures visible differences for people across the U.S. and Canada.

It is also less painful and yields better results than other forms of Cosmetic procedures done to lose stubborn fat and fat cells. Is CoolSculpting a treatment you would try to get rid of stubborn fat?

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