Santamedical is the best seller of Infrared thermometer

Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

The time of digital contact thermometers has come and gone. People are now switching to more options that require minimum hassle, no contact with the patient and cutting down the risk of infections. One such great invention in the field of medical science is the infrared thermometers. These thermometers have an intuitive guidance system for helping the user get the accurate and the most reliable readings.

Best Seller of Infrared thermometer

The world’s biggest online seller Amazon has introduced a new and the most efficient range of infrared thermometers from Santamedical. Within just hours of its release, the company has recorded the selling of infrared thermometers in hundreds of quantities. With the high-quality material, the unmatched technology, and incredibly reliable results, the infrared thermometer has become one of the highest selling products.

Features of Infrared Thermometer

Here are some of the few yet notable features about the Santamedical’s infrared thermometer –
1. The thermometer has an intuitive guidance system for helping the user have accurate readings of the body temperature.
2. The alarm of thermometer sets off when it detects the high temperature.
3. The thermometer is designed to save the last 32 temperature recordings for future reference.
4. The device takes up very less energy of as low as 100,000 on two AAA batteries.
5. One can take the readings by bringing the thermometer close to areas such as the tear ducts or even the forehead. The readings obtained are highly reliable and helpful for studying the health of the patient.
6. The thermometer can detect the temperature of the body from as far as one inches to 4 inches.
7. The thermometer has a large screen of LCD, and there is also the provision of the backlight to provide enough light for using at night time.
8. To alert the patient of high temperature, there is an alarm that sets off.

The material of the Santamedical Non Contact infrared thermometer is made up of high-quality material that can withstand a lot of stress on itself. Even after dropping the item multiple times, it does not get scratches or breaks.