7 Benefits and Benefits of Physical Exercise

Doing some physical activity regularly can give us great benefits for both our body and our mind and also has an important influence on our mood, as through exercise we generate endorphins, whose high blood levels provide a sense of well – being.
Our body needs to be on the move to stay active and young, best physical exercise helps us control the natural processes that suffer throughout life as hormonal changes and aging, providing the necessary strength to our muscles and bones.
Main Benefits of Physical Exercise
1. They help you sleep better. Exercise helps fight insomnia because through it we can drain an enormous amount of energy, especially negative energy and when you finish you will be much more relaxed. Just do not do it right before you go to bed.
2. It helps to strengthen the mind and prevents the cognitive wear that can occur with the aging. It provides a sense of well-being that can contribute to the management of depression.
3. Strengthens muscles and bones. Regular exercise stimulates the musculoskeletal system, making the bones more resistant, promoting a greater production of calcium and preventing diseases such as osteoporosis and at the same time makes our muscles strong and flexible.
4. It is the key to cardiovascular health, as it prevents high blood pressure, as it helps maintain triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the blood.
5. Exercise is one of the main tools to maintain a healthy weight permanently.
6. Exercise regularly prevents and reduces the risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes.
7. It reduces the risk of heart disease(strokes and other heart diseases) and stroke and high blood pressure.
How much exercise should we do?
In general, it is highly recommended to do at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, this will depend of course on the physical condition of each person, the age and the goals that we consider when exercising. It is important not to overdo it and if you are a sedentary person, start small.
But be aware that it is not too late to start, it is not expensive or take too much time, anyone can walk for 30 minutes or a gentle jog and you can demand a little more from your body, as long as you feel comfortable
The most important thing is to certainly start and maintain it as a lifelong habit.
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