I was one of those who believed that in order to enjoy the health benefits of cycling, it was necessary to go out whenever the work allowed me, and to pedal for long and exhausting days in a kind of accumulating bacchanal of kilometers.
And it was not that I was completely wrong, but what I did not know back then, was that on a daily basis and in short distances, cycling is not only feasible for all types of people, but it is work that any Amateur cyclist can handle and thus acquire the longed for health benefits. But now I know and I want to share 5 benefits for cycling every day.
1. Reduce the risk of disease
Moving you daily in a car is related to weight gain and obesity, even in those drivers who allocate time for exercise. And cycling is easier to integrate into your daily life than you think.
So, if you want to ride a bike mountain bike every day, but you have little time, one of the most logical ways to adapt it to your schedule is to make it part of your daily transfers. Those minutes that you can spend on your bike to and from work; school or any other short trip that is, add kilometers quickly.
Pedaling for at least two and a half hours each week, with most of that time comprised of short trips to transport you already offers very real health benefits. But the advantages of moving on two wheels go beyond avoiding traffic and living healthier.
For example, studies in Germany have found that women who ride bicycles for at least 30 minutes a day reduce the risk of breast cancer by 34% compared to women using other means of transport.
2. Put your brain in shape
If you already have the habit of getting to work or school by bike, you will be better prepared for what comes next.
Daily exercise has been found to increase energy and reduce fatigue. Even 30 minutes of pedaling your bike can improve your reaction time, memory and creative thinking, as revealed by a study published by the National Institute of Health of the United States of America.
Not only that, it has also been discovered that daily cycling, reduces anxiety and depression, helps you control addictions, improves your mood and prevents cognitive decline, thereby reducing the likelihood of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases in the brain.